Ugandan night life is exhilarating there is always something to do each day when you are in this country especially in Kampala. When it comes to partying and social life Uganda takes the lead in East Africa, it’s safer to party in Kampala at night than elsewhere in the region. Although Nairobi might have better infrastructure and relatively good economy, the party is in Kampala. The night life and cost of living is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Although, like anyone going to a new country you should be careful of your surroundings and often communicate to folks where you are going.
This is a result of a more diversified transportation options revellers opt to use from one revelry to another. Recently there have been numerous companies coming with technology, to help travellers get essay assess of transportation. Uber, Taxify and Safeboda coming into the market. people trust these technologized modes of transportation because they safer options to use when one is having a night.
The increase from both foreign and local investment in new places for revellers to have fan year after year puts Kampala as the party capital in Uganda. Party goers have a greater selection of places to go and party to their favourite music. Starting from the music, the cinema, crafted events, theme parties, clubs, concerts, fashion walk festivals, cultural festivals name it Kampala has it all.
Kampala night life in Uganda cannot exist without the food especially after night of partying and enjoying some awesome bottle of beer and glasses of wine, most people are most definitely not going home to cook because that another task in its self.
Uganda has one of the best street foods in the East African region, it has the iconic Rolex not the famous brand of watches. It is a sort of spread called a chapati normally with a fried egg, tomatoes and onions in it. Frequently they are found on the streets and preparation depends how a client wants it. A Rolex is succulent and very tasty as it goes down one’s oesophagus waiting for a glass of juice to compliment it.
One of my favourite places after a night out with friends in Chickens to Night, they created a solution for some of us revellers who just want to have a great time after a hangover.
Kampala also has many local and inter-continental restaurants where one can dine and enjoy the music played. Le chateau is a famous Belgian restaurant in Kampala close to Jelani Tours & Safari Africa offices. Dinner is always accompanied with some acoustic music or some talented musicians who sing while you enjoy your sumptuous meal making the nigh splendid. Café Javas is the most common restaurant f
There are also many Indian restaurants that cater for vegans if you a planning a night out. They have vegan meals that are mouth-watering. Some of the most recommended vegan restaurants in Kampala that serve marvellous cuisines are; Ashiana restaurant, Le Chateau Brasserie, Govinda, Mediterrano restaurant, Nawab Asian Bistro. Remember to get a reservation before you go out so that tables are not fully booked