Kigali the capital city of Rwanda is exceptional derivation for discovering the rest of the country, because of the essential location and great transportation network.All parts of Rwanda are easily accessible in less than a day, however before you rush to discover the land that has so many hills take a few days off to

 Kigali to explore Africa’s cosmopolitan cities. There are plenty of places where you can stop for a drink or coffee such as the Rwandan famous Bourbon coffee, these beans were even ranked in an American study as the second-bestworld-wide. The centre of Kigali is bustling in the main market areas with lots of stalls and small shops, there are rows of pots, clothes, shoes and vegetables.

Rwanda story of its 12 million people teaches people it is often darkest before the dawn, the dawn can reflect in its people. Kigali is widely regarded as one of the progressive cities in Africa it is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Africa. Kigali has souring office towers and new traffic and often comes as surprise to first time visitors, while the city also has traditional markets and bursting night life. Rwanda is the best of all worlds new and old, Rwandese have a rich tradition that dates back centuries. Rwanda progress in nation building is regarded as Africa’s best success stories.  It is also regarded as one of the worlds ten fastest growing economies



The Kigali memorial centre commemorates the victims and survivors of the April 1994 genocide, its objective is to encourage understanding individuals and collective responsibilities in combating racism and intolerance. The displays in the centre clearly shows the history and conditions in Rwanda that led up to the genocide, the emotional moving photos of victim, the video forms of key events, will transform and educate any visitor.


 Today Rwanda is looking at development with Rwandan people playing an important part, among other talents Rwandan people are skilled at curving, sculpture and weaving. Weaving is one of the specialities of Rwanda you will find baskets, pots and bowls with traditional partners in all different shapes and sizes. There is still more to learn about Rwanda such as cow dung painting known as Imigongo. Traditionally cow dung was used to plaster the inside walls of houses, today Imigongo is a national art form. Nyakakavimbi in the Eastern part of the country is a craft cooperative where most of the painting originate, here you can indulge in the art of imigongo it is not as easy as it seems but learning from the ladies of the cooperation makes it fan.


At the end of an exciting day in Kigali in there are a lot of hotels to make a choice from such as the serena the ambience is very pleasant, and the rooms are very comfortable. For a fabulous dinner check out serenas’ restaurant were chefs offer various speciality like the Mongolian barbeque.

The number one attraction to visitors to Rwanda is the encounter with rare mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. This areas on the border of DRC(Congo) is the most beautiful sights in Africa and the best place to track them. The climb up leads to grown bamboo forest, after a short hike Gorillas can be viewed in their natural habitat feeding and the young ones swinging on the Bamboo tree.


Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is not only about gorilla trekking, more travellers are opting to do the nature walks within the forest of the park. A traveller can climb the summits one or more volcanoes. A traveller can also try trek the rare species of golden monkeys, golden monkey trekking is a new comer in the wild life scene of East Africa. But it is getting more and more popular amongst travellers. When trekking the golden monkey, one must look more at the left overs one the ground to determine where they had the food the day before the trek.

Golden Monkey trekking is a different experience from the gorilla trekking the golden monkeys are smaller, nimbler and very curious creatures. If you are in a dense area where they are foraging for food, there are some tricks used by the guides to drive them out of the thick bushes. When it comes to accommodations at volcanoes national park

When it comes to accommodations at Volcanoes national park there are fine hotels and lodges one of the stunning situated camps in the region is the Virunga lodge located on the ridge above lake Bwera. Here you can stay in individual down shales full of atmosphere, the Sabinyo lodge is situated at the foot hills of the Virunga’s and affords wonderful view of the volcanoes. Guest cottages are for any comfort you would expect. The main lodge building has been beautifully constructed a perfect base to explore this unique corner of Africa.

Around volcanoes National park are several local points of interestnotably lake Bwera, the largest of the lakes in the region is Bwera and with its inlets and curves it’s a lovely place to discover, of course the best way to explore the lake is by boat. Boat are the main forms of transport through out the area, so it is easy to hire one.


When you feel like going to swim on the banks of lake Kivu Rwanda’s largest lake, every season is good for swimming and sunbathingespecially in Rubavu formerly known as Gisenyi. Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s great lakes dominates the country’s western frontier

The lake side town is popular among foreign visitors and Rwandese, where they chill out at the country’s best beaches, furthermore Rubavu is a resort town with excellent hotels where you can easily settle in for a few days. Rubavu is a green peaceful and appealing place to wonder around or one can try some water sports. You might watch fishermen in the old canoes a design that hasn’t changed for centuries.


If you like doing sports and sight seeing simultaneously there are great mountain biking opportunities because there are short distances between Rwanda’s attractions also the landscape makes it ideal to travel to Rwanda by bike. As you go South there is another treasure waiting for the adventurous spirit Nyungwe National Park, it is the newest of Rwanda’s parks, but the protected area covers the oldest rain forests in Africa. 970kilo metres is also the largest tropical mountain forests. Nyungwe National Park is great for hiking, there is an excellent network of seven trails ranging form 1 to 10km each designated by colour. You can pass the green valley among hundreds of species of exotic trees and beautiful water falls. The Igishigishigi trail is one of the hiking trails and the trail is quite slippery one must be careful when walking.

 Nyungwe National Park is of Africa’s forests its home to many endemic species than any other species in Africa. Rising 40 meters above the forest floor the canopy walksa perfect to get around the thick forest Nungwe has 13 hiking trails, the most recent decorated trail is Kamiranzuvu trail, this trail leads to what many believe the source of the Nile. After a strenuous lead you to majestic water fall.

Whatever trail you choose Nyungwe has great surprises such as the sight of the source of the Nile. It amazing that the little trickle might be the source of the muddy Nile


Leaving Nyungwe to Huye formerly known as Butare the road leads to small villages and Rwanda’s vibrant tea plantations. The mountain grown tea is one of Rwanda major exports and it is considered on the finest around the globe. Huye is the country’s second city and it cultural and intellectual heart, first is the sight of Rwanda’s National University a forward-looking institution with thousands of students today. It is also home to the national museum housing one of Africa’s best ethnographic collections. Opened in 1988 its rooms illustrate the country and its people from the earliest times until the present day. When you manoeuvre around you can see traditional house hold items, various crafts, traditional styles of architecture even a full scale authentic royal compound complete with elegant grass buildings has been reconstructed, the royal family lived in this setting where its item had a symbolic purpose.


 Kibeho is a small town in Southern Rwanda where there is only church with Mary apparition setting, this started in 1981 where three school girls began seeing vision of the virgin Mary today thousands of people from Africa and around the world make regular pilgrimages to this rare holy site.


Exploring eastern Rwanda,the most important attraction is Akagera national park home to many different animals. This is a world life reserve where you drive for hours without seeing another vehicle never knowing what wild life you might encounter around the next corner. Akagera’s many lakes and water bodies are filled with hippos; the largest boy of open water is Lake Kihima covering about 100kms and a paradise for bird watchers. The boat Trip around the island is fantastica and always be on the lookout for large predators such as the African crocodile.

Rwanda is unlike any other African country with its visionary leadership Rwanda is bridging the gap between its present future and this is just a glimpse, you need to visit Rwanda to experience you own adventure and return home Rwanda forever in your heart and spirit.