Nairobi Kenya’s capital can be stressful, expensive, dangerous also fascinating and modern, from the past century this city has grown to a population of millions regarded as the heart of East. The economy of the plantations the railway was vital aspect in transportation of the goods and produces. In the middle stands a monument in the Uhuru garden which commemorates Kenya’s colonial rule
The National Museum displays an outstanding indication of the country’s history of its people, flora and fauna. Once you in Nairobi you need to go to Snake Park one can learn about various poisonous snakes also explore tortoises. Nairobi is also a beautiful city and has pleasant climate in Kenya also has one of the largest leisure parks.
On the perimeters of the city near the national park the city’s inhabitants treat themselves to the famous adventurous restaurant Carnivore found in Langata, here the different varieties of meat are grilled to perfection. In 2004 was the year Kenya banned various types of game to be served to people, the restaurant resorted to serving the usual grilled meat. Ostrich and crocodile meat were the only exceptions added on to the menu after Kenya banned game meat from being given to people. Set besides the modern skyline of office buildings is the Uhuru park is the meeting place for many of the large events for East Africa’s largest metropolis.
Lake Naivasha
Jumbo Jumbo welcome to Kenya Kingdom of wild animals and lake Naivasha is one of the prominent tourist destinations in the East African region. According to the geologists Lake Naivasha was created due to massive forces ripping open the earth’s crust which caused its surface to sink. Located at a height of two thousand meters this lake belongs to one of the few fresh water lakes in the great rift valley. The water is too cold for crocodiles, but hippos and water bucks appear to favour it.