Jelani Book Foundation is an organisation based in Uganda with an aim of promoting literacy and education in schools in Africa, mainly focusing on getting reading books to those that are underprivileged. We will be providing learners with books that will help them with their literacy skills, having these skills is a step-forward axis to development academically. Statistics show that children who engage more in reading have a better performance in school. Mainly because they comprehend questions asked in an examination effectively. We want reading to be embedded into the academic curriculum.

Our aim is to encourage reading in schools, which shape children character leading them to having tremendous confidence hence excelling in life. Jelani Book Foundation wants to promote a culture of reading in school, by providing these schools with book and setting up little community libraries were these children can engage in reading.

One of our visions is accomplishing our goalsthrough partnering with established organisations to out reach children in need. Jelani Book Foundation imagines a system that rouses distinctive human capabilities in these children who do not have access to books and scholastic material.

Many children receive free education but that has not been sustainable mainly due to lack of books and reading culture in many countries in Africa including Uganda. We plan on building reading centres where children can practice their reading from. Many parents depend on agriculture and farming which often, do not yield enough to make profit to buy extra scholastic material to enable their children to prosper. We hope to help these parents in educating learners and encouraging them read their books.