A year ago, Jelani Tours & Safari Africa launched a fresh website and in the Directors message, we assured our clients that Jelani Tours & Safari Africa would endure to lead the way in discovering unique travel destinations that offer truly immersive experiences, encourage larger understanding of people and cultures and provide a deeper connection with nature. On a recent familiarization trip to Rwanda and Uganda, I discovered marvellous opportunities for achieving this. True to my word, Jelani Tours is proud to announce that in 2020 we will offer tours to our client do major Gorilla treks in both Uganda and Rwanda! We truly excited about the future!!

Uganda and Rwanda are countries with abundant natural and cultural resources and would be an excellent complement to Jelani Tours ‟ West African tour packages. For that reason, we are creating an experience that will highlight the best of the East and the West of the African Continent.


Travellers will be able to experience and compare the diversity of both of these regions.
Our new tour package dubbed “East meets West” will feature a 15-day tour, with a week spent in each region. In West Africa we will visit two countries; Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. High-lights of this tour package include visits to world heritage UNESCO sites, a culturally immersive overnight stay in a traditional African village, hiking inside protected national rainforests, music concerts and art exhibitions by local artists.

Our Travellers will depart West Africa for the next leg of their journey to visit Rwanda and Uganda in East Africa. East Africa is truly an amazing region that is steeped in ancient empires and traditional African culture and a long history of British colonial rule. The British had an indelible impact on Uganda’s people and their culture and the vestiges of their presence can be seen throughout the country. Uganda is known for its Kingdoms, culture and famous royal personalities and we will explore all facets of this history on the tour.

Rwanda is equally as interesting and captivating and also boasts a long history of rich cultural tradition. This tour features many great attractions including a hiking and canopy walk experience in the Nyunge National Park; Gorilla trek-king in a National Park (Bwindi Impenetrable in Uganda) and a visit to the Murambi Genocide Memorial center. You can learn more about the Genocide and Rwanda’s incredible success, which tells the story of how the country and its people put the Genocide tragedy behind them and turned Rwanda into one of the most successful countries in Africa.

We invite you to join Jelani Tours on this wonderful journey into West and East Africa. For more information, email or call our hotline!

Jelanitours@gmail.com or info@jelanitours.com


Jelani Tour & Safari Africa

Christopher Kiggundu

CEO & Founder