Kenya is found in the East African region just adjacent with the Indian ocean, this beautiful country is common in having all the species like the Zebras, lions and giraffes. This is country bring the iconic characters of the famous lion king. The origin of Kenya seems to be indistinct, it is connected to a combination of three words; Kirinyo, Kirenyaa, Kiinyaa entailing Gods resting place.


The official name for Kenya is referred to as the Republic of Kenya, which had a population of approximately forty-two million people. 3.5 million stay in the country’s capital Nairobi. On top of that Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya and it also famous for having the largest nature reserve in the major city, the game reserve is called Nairobi National Park. You can imagine having a park located in a major metropolis with animals like hyenas, cheaters and lion can be daunting and might be some risks to the residents. In the past lions have been shot killed to protect the public because but of recent lions have been fitted with tracking collars, so that the rangers can know where they are, they hope that this will prevent any lions from crossing the border into civilian territory.

When the British dominate dominated the area and they established the East African protectorate in 1895 from 1920 onwards, it was known as a British colony until Kenya gained its independence in 1963, when the black majority government was elected for the first time eventually declaring Kenya’s independence in 1963. Since then Kenya has grown in population and reputation, Kenya is also home to notable figures such as Barack Obama Senior the father of the former president of United States. Richard Darwin the famous ethologist was also born in Kenya, he is known for his 1976 book called the selfish gene. David Rudisha is a record holder of 2012 and 2016 world champion in the 800 meters. Malaika is also a Kenyan born British model, who first began getting attention by appearing in a Prada advertisement after Noami Campbell.

Short history about Kenya’s previous colonial structures, as we have learnt in history lessons many Kenyans were dispersed to the world as slaves. This was done by Europeans, Arabs and Americans during the 1600 and 1700s. Kenya’s location at the peninsular invited this type of trade, the East African coast were Kenya was located was a very advance area. Mainly because of the heavy trading by the Indians, Arabs, Indians and Chinese Merchants. Arabic was the strongest language influence, even the name Swahili is derived from the coast. The Swahili coast is comprised of Kenya. Tanzania and Northern Mozambique. Some of the islands.


In terms of ethnic groups in Kenya it Is reported that there are over 70 ethnic groups, within those ethnic groups there are thirty different languages and dialects are spoken. English and Swahili are the official languages of Kenya and the biggest ethnic group is the Kikuyu. Despite having numerous ethnic groups and the tribes can be split into three categories, the bantu, Nilotic and the Cushite. In the south there is a big lake connecting various countries called Lake Victoria which was named after queen Victoria the second largest fresh water lake. The explore who gave it the name Lake Victoria was John Hannington Speke. This was during the 1858 expedition to find the source of the Nile. The Nile river is regarded as the longest river on the planet. When it comes to food the staple food is  called Ugali and it also common various parts of African continent.

When it comes to fashion, this is what makes Kenya distinct from the rest of other African countries, although it is common of finding Kenyans dressing in clothes of the western world. Their style of clothes is different and one can notice the red, pick and marron that is commonly referred to as the Masai shuka, often seen around peoples shoulders and necks