Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley National Park is regarded as the most remote National Park in Uganda as it is located in the far Northeastern corner of Uganda along the boarders with Sudan and Kenya. It has been a National Park since 1954 and it covers an area of about 1,442sqkm. It is about12hours drive or more in good weather from Kampala, via Mbale, Soroti and Moroto which is about 700-800 kilometers. A 4WD is recommended and it is advised to schedule a two days journey in case you are travelling by road, or it can be accessed by air and chatter flights are readily available daily. The Park is regarded as a fabulous national park because of its mountain scenery and savannah plains.

The Southwest is the Narus valley the famous place where you can spot various animal species including the tree climbing lions, and along the western boundary is the rocky Napore-Nyagia mountain range, mountMorungole is the highest point in the park at 2,750m and makes the Southern part of this park. To the North is the Loukei Mountain range which is located at the border of Sudan, while the mount forest dominates the highest part of the park.

Kidepo Valley National Park is recorded to be a home to over 80 mammal species and over 475 species of birds second only to Queen Elizabeth National Park, mammal species include Burchell’s Zebra, buffalo, elephant, Rothschild giraffe, bat eared foxes, eland, water buck, Jackson’s hartebeest, bonbor reed buck, Oribi, and kongoni are often seen. How ever less common animals are the Grant’s gazelle, striped hyena, lesser kudu, and Oryx. Carnivorous animals include lion, leopard, and spotted hyena black-backed among others. Bird species include Egyptian Vulture, Ostrich, Varreaux Eagle, black-breasted barbet, African swallow, Karamoja apallis,long tailed and standard-winged Night jars and bat eared foxes.