Jelani tours & Safaris Africa was launched officially in August 2018 in Uganda; at Jelani we live and adore travel, we have a desire for providing the incomparable  travel experience to our customers.Everybody envisions of places they want to travel to and what they want to do when they get there; it an exceptional personal combination of what makes a flawless trip. They also want to be inspired where to go next, some customers want expert advice in booking an African safari where they will have an experience of a lifetime. Some of our customers want honest recommendation when looking for a perfect hotel with a nice view, some yearn for beach view and also booking a safari that is perfect that will accommodate the children with their family. The company also has tremendous experience working with various tour and travel operatives across Africa. Although its main operations are in Uganda where it is based, it also covers other surrounding East African Countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and some parts of Southern Africa where it has tremendous networks. Traveling with Jelani Tours & Safari Africa will make sure customers have a trusted partner in the background who will take care of everything for them in the event of interference during a holiday. Jelani will deliver the best safari tour/safari experience and best value too.

Jelani stands at giving a profound experience and ultimate services we give to our customers, standing to its description a Swahili name that means someone who is fascinated by all kinds of intellectual pondering, they are adventurous, unable to accept restriction, choices guided by intellectual spiritual affinity, sharp/analytical, inquisitive and clever at doing something in this case making the excursions unforgettable. Our prompt response to prospective clients is very vital and swift, some of our clients transcribe emails to us regarding how their trip should be based on how they want it. Then Tours Jelani & Safaris Africa projects programme/itinerary that will favour the traveller’s needs based on what they want to do or want to experience.

Some of the activities Jelani Tours & Safari Africa focuses on are game tours, camping tours, Boat tours along the river Nile and Lake Victoria in Uganda. Adrenaline & extreme tours which involve bungee jumping along the Nile and zip line/canopy super skyway one of the deepest forests in the country called Mabira. We also help our clients with Fly in Safaris, migration safaris, walking/hiking safari, and Family safaris to various African destinations that can accommodate all members of the family including their pets. Furthermore, we also we can also coordinate self-drive safaris including providing our clients with an assistant during their course of the trip if necessary. In addition, we help our customers attain the luxury big five safari and give them marvellous experience while on their travel. Mountain Gorilla excursion in Uganda and Rwanda dominate with largest numbers of these species on the planet. Thousands of tourists including students, scientists and various academics come from all over the globe just to see them in their natural habitat while undertaking various research. The tour/travel guides that take our client on unforgettable experience in the continents wild are very experienced and well trained in providing the best services.